Garantir l’employabilité grâce

à une culture d’innovation

d’engagement et de service.

Our Pedagogical approach

The various modules offered are aimed at small groups of students, with a maximum of 10 to 20 participants depending on the course, which makes the theoretical and practical courses more lively and facilitates the acquisition of knowledge and know-how.

Each year, the results are analyzed by sector to guide the training offer for the following year. Attentive to the dynamism of the trainers’ work, the African Solar Academy is asking trainers to take a look at the Modules and programs.

ASA Technical teachings

photo panneaux solaire
solar thermal and photovoltaic
photo eolien
Wind turbin
Electrical schema
photo appareils electrique
electrical measuring devices
photo biomass
photo securite electrique
safety of electrical installations
practical workshops: diagnostics and troubleshooting
Fundamental knowledge of Electricity

African Solar Academy Certifications

Working groups, composed of the teaching team and the experts in their field of intervention, meet regularly to analyze the objectives, to fix the competences to acquire, to propose and to adjust the contents, the durations and the means to be launch.

Our Solar Technician certifications help to train students to:

  Occupy technical assistance positions in electricity

  Deliver a professionnal work

  Prepare a professional insertion or a continuation of studies

African Solar Seed - A2S

Incubators support startups entering the early stages of building their business. Accelerators, advance growth. Long before the “incubator” or “accelerator” the African Solar Seed. The A2S is a workshop that allows students to develop their ideas, define their business models, build their sociable and sustainable business processes. Our programs are intended to propel our “seeds” so that they can access key investors and influencers.

photo african solar seed

We accompany you:

In the creation of your innovative, technological and sustainable projects

In the creation and development of your company

In connection with funding sources

Is your project related to the environment, or the sectors of sustainable and circular economy?

Join us !
African Solar Seed-A2S- aims to maximize Candidates’ chances of success. To do this, entrepreneurs receive different types of support and tailor-made so that they can develop their project as well as possible:

  Individual support services are organized twice a month with the support of the Mentors

  Information and training sessions on more specific topics are organized in partnership with experts

  The A2S team is available to answer specific questions or to put in touch with the most suitable people to help you.

We select Candidates on file

It is the selection committee that evaluates and validates projects wishing to benefit from the workshops or modules of The African Solar Seed.
This selection committee meets on request, depending on project filings.

The evaluation is based on a file prepared by the candidates, sometimes completed by a meeting with the project manager.

The application must contain

  A description of the activities
  A description explaining the links with the sustainable economy
  An analysis of the market, competitors overview, points of differentiation, customers targeted, technological innovation …
  The financial and the business plan
  The development schedule
tick-box SECTION A2S  The presentation and the CV of the person (s) responsible for the project